Running for Council

Elections are held in November of even numbered years and Council seats are up for election on an alternating basis. Councilmember terms are limited to two consecutive four-year terms. Districts 3, 5 and 7 will be elected in November 2018.

How do I become a candidate?

A candidate is any person who publicly announces his or her intention to seek nomination or election to the office of Town Council or has filed a nomination petition.

Candidate eligibility

  • Must be a citizen of the United States
  • Must be a registered elector of the Town
  • Must have resided in the Town for 12 consecutive months preceding the date of the election
  • Must be a resident within the district boundaries at the time of election and throughout the term of office


Candidates are encouraged to visit with the Town Clerk to discuss their candidacy. As the designated election official for the Town of Castle Rock, the Town Clerk will work closely with you throughout the campaign and election process.

Candidate committee

A candidate committee is a person, including the candidate for Town Council, or persons with the common purpose of receiving contributions or making expenditures under the authority of a candidate. If you intend to accept campaign contributions, the first step in the process is to register your candidate committee. Prior to accepting contributions or making expenditures in support of your candidacy, the committee must be registered with the Town Clerk.
Alternatively, candidates may also choose to fund their own campaigns with personal funds (choosing not to accept contributions) and if so, you are not required to register a candidate committee. Candidate committees may be registered at any time. A candidate shall have only one candidate committee.

Formation of a candidate committee requires a separate bank account to be established in the name of the committee. Once you have established a separate bank account and registered your committee, you can then begin to accept contributions or make expenditures. 

Nomination petition

Any person who seeks nomination or election to Town Council must first file a nomination petition with the Town Clerk.

  • Candidates are required to obtain signatures of at least 25 registered electors on the nomination petition 
  • Registered electors must reside within the candidate's district
  • Registered electors may only sign one nomination petition for their district

The Town Clerk will verify the nomination petition contains the requisite number of valid signatures to be placed on the ballot as a candidate.

If a candidate files a nomination petition that does not have the requisite number of valid signatures, the candidate may have an opportunity to circulate additional petitions to meet the signature requirements prior to the deadline. 

Circulator's affidavit

The circulator's affidavit is attached to the nomination petition when the petition is submitted to the Town Clerk's Office. Only one person may circulate each nomination petition. A candidate may circulate his or her own nomination petition section. The circulator is required to sign an affidavit to affirm that the petition was signed by:

  • A registered elector
  • The circulator personally observed the elector signing the petition
  • The elector signing the petition signed only for themselves
  • The affidavit is presented along with the nomination petition and must be notarized by a notary other than the Town of Castle Rock prior to filing with the Clerk's office.

Acceptance / affidavit of nominated candidate

At the point the nomination petition and circulator's affidavit is filed, the candidate will also submit the acceptance / affidavit of nominated candidate acknowledging:

  • Acceptance of nomination for candidacy
  • Candidate meets all eligibility requirements
  • Candidate acknowledges to comply with Fair Campaign Practice requirements
  • Indicates how candidate's name shall appear on the election ballot
  • The affidavit must be notarized by a notary other than the Town of Castle Rock prior to filing with the Clerk's office

Candidate name placement on ballot

The order that candidate names appear on the ballot is determined by lot.  A drawing will be held by the Town Clerk after all petitions have been received. Candidates and/or your representative will be invited to attend if you so choose to.