Project Updates

Beautiful parks and well-planned trails are part of what make Castle Rock a great place to call home.


The Parks planning and construction division is responsible for:

  • Planning and constructing new parks and trails, as well as maintaining and upgrading existing parks and trails, while protecting the Town’s natural resources.
  • Providing safe and pleasing passive recreation areas, athletic fields, trails, building grounds and open space.
  • Planning new parks and open land to meet the needs of the community, while balancing and conserving the Town’s many natural resources.

Future Planning

The Parks and Recreation Department recently published their Capital Improvement Plan which outlines budget priorities over the next five years.

The annual operating and capital budget for the department is approximately $18 million. Staff consists of 55 full-time employees and nearly 500 seasonal employees. In addition to parks, open space and trails, the department manages a robust volunteer program, two full-service recreation facilities, a maintenance service center, a championship golf course, a state-licensed preschool, inline hockey and tennis courts, a disc-golf course, natural and synthetic-turf athletic fields, indoor and outdoor pools and three splash pads.

The purpose of the proposed Parks and Recreation Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is to direct the implementation of the vision for all parks, open space, trails and recreation capital projects over the next five years. This plan will be presented during the 2020 budget process. The Parks and Recreation Department’s budget includes five capital funds.

Proposed projects in process for 2019 / 2020

Recently completed projects

The Parks and Recreation Department has recently completed the following project in 2019.  

Other on-going projects