Representing Castle Rock

In addition to the Mayor and Councilmembers representing their constituents, they also represent the Town of Castle Rock on numerous local, County and regional committees and boards.

​Town Council representatives are appointed each year to serve as liaisons in advisory roles. It is to the Town's benefit to have this representation and presence on the following community and regional organizations.
Organization Representative
Audit Committee
​Mayor Green
​Councilmember Teal
Board of Adjustment Councilmember Townsend
Board of Building Appeals All Councilmembers rotate
Castle Rock Economic Development Council ​Mayor Green
​Mayor Pro Tem Valentine (alternate)
Castle Rock Economic Partnership Councilmember Bower
​​Councilmember Ford (alternate)
Castle Rock Water Commission Councilmember Townsend
Chamber of Commerce Councilmember Teal
​Councilmember Townsend
Community Leadership Group Councilmember Teal
​Design Review Board Mayor Pro Tem Valentine
​Downtown Development Authority Mayor Pro Tem Valentine
​Councilmember Bower (alternate)
Downtown Merchants Association ​Councilmember Bower
Mayor Pro Tem Valentine (alternate)
Historic Preservation Board Councilmember Bower
​Parks & Recreation Commission ​Mayor Green
Planning Commission ​All Councilmembers rotate
​Police Forfeiture Committee ​Councilmember Loban
Public Art Commission Councilmember Bower
​Councilmember Townsend
Mayor Pro Tem Valentine
​​Public Safety Commission Councilmember Loban
​Public Works Commission Councilmember Loban
​Water Resources Committee Councilmember Ford
​​​Councilmember Teal
​Adventist Wellness Committee Mayor Green
Douglas County Housing Partnership Councilmember Loban
Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation Councilmember Loban
​Councilmember Teal
​Douglas County Youth Initiative Councilmember Bower
Partnership of Douglas County Governments Councilmember Teal
​Mayor Pro Tem Valentine
​Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable ​Councilmember Ford
​Chatfield Watershed Authority ​Councilmember Teal
​Councilmember Loban (alternate)
​Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority Councilmember Teal
​Denver Regional County of Government (DRCOG) Councilmember Teal
​Councilmember Bower (alternate)
​Fire Pension Board Mayor Green
​Metro Mayors Caucus Mayor Green