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News and Announcements

Posted on: January 7, 2019

Get the cold facts; there’s no such thing as “safe ice” in Colorado


In the winter, Mother Nature can be a force of nature. Slick roads, icy walkways and snowy conditions can pose a lot of hazards. While the Town works hard to keep our community as safe as possible during winter snowstorms, there are a few things to keep in mind. Never walk or play on frozen ponds, and always make sure kids and pets are protected from the weather.

Castle Rock has several different ponds, natural pools and drainageways. In the winter months, water in these areas can freeze and be tempting for winter activities like sledding or ice skating. But, please be aware of these areas; walking across a seemingly frozen pond could be unsafe.

Fluctuating temperatures in Colorado can make ice particularly unstable. Ice conditions here cannot be judged by appearance. Many factors including water depth, size of the body of water, water chemistry, snow cover and the age of ice all contribute to ice conditions. 

Residents should pay careful attention to drainage facilities and water features in their neighborhoods. View a map at Parents, please explain these dangers to children, and pet owners, keep careful watch over pets during walks and play sessions.

Also, sledders should watch their surroundings. Slopes that look great for sledding may lead to streets and natural drainageways. Before jumping on the sled, make sure the path is clear of traffic concerns and other natural hazards.

Additionally, respect posted signage. And, keep in mind, just because you don’t see a sign, doesn’t mean the pond or water feature is a place to walk or play. 

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